Lindsay Grace

C. Michael Armstrong Professor of Fine Arts

Interactive Media Studies Prog$Ctr for Perfrming Arts, 104$Oxford, OH 45056

Phone: +1 513 529 2203

Scholarly Interests:
Lindsay is the Armstrong Professor of Fine Arts within Miami University's Armstrong Institute for Interactive Media Studies and the School of Fine Arts. His research areas include game design, human-computer interaction, critical gameplay, and web design. He also writes about design and education. Lindsay has served industry as an independent consultant, web designer, software developer, entrepreneur, business analyst and writer.

Lindsay's creative practice is focused on uses of interactive media to explore cultural standards. Extending the foundations of human computer interaction, play design and design anthropology, the work explores the ignored. This work is computer game, gallery art, animation, sculpture or some interdisciplinary amalgamation. Lindsay´┐Żs work primarily pursues educational experiences and editorial critique of the social relationship between computers, humans and each other. The medium is typically screen based, software informed and aesthetic. The work demonstrates patterns through their amplification or the exposition of their absence in common awareness. The Critical Gameplay project is the current focus of this work, turning pattern into rhetoric.