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Julie Park

Dr. Julie Park

Assistant Professor - Department of Educational Leadership

McGuffey Hall

Phone: (513) 529-6825

Scholarly Interests:
My research interests include diversity, race/ethnicity, Asian Americans, cross-racial interaction in multiethnic communities, spirituality/religion. For more about my research, go to

Works Available in Scholarly Commons

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Attitudes and Advocacy: Understanding Faculty Views on Racial/Ethnic Diversity
The Journal of Higher Education, Volume 80, Number 4, July/August 2009, pp 415-438

Asian American College Students and Civic Engagement

Taking Race into Account: Charting Student Attitudes towards Affirmative Action
Research in Higher Education, Volume 50, Number 7, November 2009, pp 670-690

Race and the Greek system in the 21st Century: Centering the voices of Asian American women.
The NASPA Journal, Volume 45, Number 1, pp 103-132