Scholars Profile for Amy Summerville

Amy Summerville

Dr. Amy Summerville

Assistant Professor

Psychology Building, 100 Miami University Oxford, OH 45056

Phone: 513 529 6126

Scholarly Interests:
My research is focused on understanding when and why people think about "what might have been," and the effects of these thoughts in applied, everyday contexts. I'm particularly interested in the experience of regret, the negative emotion stemming from the realization that one's actions could have resulted in better outcomes than actually occurred. I have done work examining what regrets individuals report both in real life and in lab contexts. This work has informed theoretical work focused on the functional nature of regret, and the role of opportunity in the strength of regret. My research also focuses on the decision to seek vs. avoid information about foregone options, and how this decision may be a strategic response to regret.

Works Available in Scholarly Commons

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