Scholars Profile for Benjamin Sutcliffe

Benjamin Sutcliffe

Dr. Benjamin Sutcliffe

Associate Professor of Russian

German Russian & E Asian Languages 148 Irvin Hall, Oxford, OH 45056

Phone: +1 513 529 1822

Scholarly Interests:
Liudmila Ulitskaia; contemporary Russian prose; Soviet and post-Soviet culture

Works Available in Scholarly Commons

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Liudmila Ulitskaia’s Literature of Tolerance
The Russian Review 68 (July 2009): 495–509.

Writing the Urals: Permanence and Ephemerality in Ol'ga Slavnikova’s 2017
New Zealand Slavonic Journal, vol. 41 (2007).

Publishing the Russian Soul? Women’s Provincial Literary Anthologies, 1990-1995

Writing The Woman’s Documentary Voice in Perestroika Gulag Narratives

Women's literacy in Old Russia: hypotheses and facts

Criticism of contemporary women's prose. Bibliographical description