Scholars Profile for Benjamin Sutcliffe

Benjamin Sutcliffe

Dr. Benjamin Sutcliffe

Associate Professor of Russian and Havighurst Faculty Associate

German, Russian, Asian, Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures, 148 Irvin Hall, Oxford, OH 45056

Phone: +1 513 529 1822

Scholarly Interests:
Liudmila Ulitskaia; Iurii Trifonov and the intelligentsia; contemporary Russian prose; Soviet and post-Soviet culture

Works Available in Scholarly Commons

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Liudmila Ulitskaia’s Literature of Tolerance
The Russian Review 68 (July 2009): 495–509.

Writing the Urals: Permanence and Ephemerality in Ol'ga Slavnikova’s 2017
New Zealand Slavonic Journal, vol. 41 (2007).

Publishing the Russian Soul? Women’s Provincial Literary Anthologies, 1990-1995

Writing The Woman’s Documentary Voice in Perestroika Gulag Narratives

Women's literacy in Old Russia: hypotheses and facts

Criticism of contemporary women's prose. Bibliographical description